I hope 2019 is filled with positivity and wonderful new experiences for you all!

To kick off the year we are running our new introduction to Pilates workshops… 

Our Beginner Pilates Workshops are hosted @ Woodvale House for only £20 per person (Normally £25pp!)


Have you wanted to try Pilates but didn’t feel like coming straight into classes?

This workshop is for beginners and is an introduction to Pilates. Our workshops are designed for groups of 4, offering a perfect environment to learn, ask questions and get to grips with Pilates fundamentals. Then the option of attending our regular classes after..

Our second Beginner Workshops of the year: 

23rd February 2019

£20 per person (New Year deal- usually £25pp)

Learn about the fundamentals of Pilates: alignment, core-centering, breathing, balance, co-ordination, flowing movements and concentration. Understanding how to use the core and your breath effectively whilst keeping the body stable and also maintaining that stability throughout movement. 

There is a maximum of four people in a workshop and booking is required.

Please get in touch if you would like find out more and to book your spot!

*subject to four bookings and payment required before day of workshop, more details are provided via email*